Spring is always a beautiful season for weddings. With the green grass, blooming flowers and sun during spring, there are a variety of many color palettes which will be suitable for a wedding. From bright colors to dull, monochrome and customized colors. You can choose very bright colors such as yellow or even muted colors such as grey and incorporate with other colors to find your favorite color palette. You can find a wedding color picker to help you in selecting the colors. Below are five of the best wedding color palettes for spring. Find the one you prefer.

  • Bright color palettes

With bright color palettes, you should never be afraid to include colors that indicate celebration and festivities. This color palette will manifest well when you make yellow or white as the main color. This is because yellow is a visibly bright color and can be easily neutralized with other colors to produce a light color perfect for spring. White is also neutral and will be perfect. This color palette will involve colorful tones of either dark purple, dark ivy or vibrant yellow for the flowers, shoes or centerpieces for dresses.

  • Colorful color palettes.

Colourful color palettes will always include white as the main player. Then you pop in colors such as light pink or gemstone blue to make the white colorful. This will produce a colorful spring color scheme which blends perfectly with nature.

  • Metallic color palettes.

The metallic color palette involves rose gold or blush gold as the main color. Then you add tones of cream color to parts of bridesmaid gown, centerpieces, the tablecloth or cake to produce a creamy look which is suitable for the spring’s bright sun and flowers. This palette can be highlighted with a little silver added to the jewellery and glassware.

  • Muted color palettes.

This color is suitable when you are having a wedding which is cultural or vintage. It includes enchanted green with several different shades of grey. The gowns, suits, cake, and flowers are incorporated with gorgeous shades of greywhich will give an amazingly low key color. This is a unique color palette and guests will be amazed at the creativity you can come up with after playing with the colors. The color palette produces a peaceful romantic environment for your wedding. More details in this post:

  • Monochrome color palettes.

This color palette includes colors that will reduce the light at the venue of the wedding given the bright spring sun. Dark green is the best for the main color. The color gives the feeling of a shadow and matches perfectly with the green grass and colorful spring flowers. Then you can pop in some light colors to the dark green to produce a cheerful mood for a wedding. Colors such as cream, white and a very light shade of pink will be perfect.

Spring color palettes are mainly light colors to blend with the light weather. You may use a wedding color picker to find the best pick for your wedding.