The structure of weddings have stayed the same for decades but one of the most biggest changes to come along with the internet, was the ability to build a website for your wedding. Wedding website are great for collecting all the information that you cannot fit in your wedding invitations such as; registry information, hotels, directions, information about the couple and more so may wedding website builders support RSVPS online.

When you choose to build your own website from scratch, generally it is easy to use a pre-built solution so you can get your wedding website up and also running in about a day. The following are some of the best wedding website to use;

  1. AppyCouple

This is one of the interesting alternative to having a wedding website, which is having a wedding app. However, this is because most of the people use smart phones these days, and AppyCouple helps you to build a custom wedding app with all the information that you need on your wedding website.

  1. Wedding Woo

Wedding Woo is a new addition to the list after enthusiastic support from the commenter’s. The templates are not indeed the most modern that have been found, but there are plenty of beautiful options with a lot of great features, like Integram hash tags and also RSVP seen which is a great for making sure your wedding website looking completely unique for your wedding. See here!!

3. Glö

This is definitely one of the most complex and feature rich of all the wedding website creators mentioned with the advanced options such as matching online wedding invitations, RSVPs, guest list management where many great looking designs as well as the best option to upload your own design to build your wedding website.

  1. Luv Birds

This is where if you are in hurry to create something simple, Luv Birds promise of a wedding website in 60 seconds might interest you. Luv Birds has a very clean and easy layout with offering nice minimal designs. You will therefore not have your own personal url but this is a good free option if you are unfussy about design and are actually just after basics.

  1. My Wedding

There are 600 template designs to choose from on with the most designs veering towards classic and traditional. You can also personalize with image galleries and the usual gift list and guestbook. There are options for creating invitations on the site and also for connecting your gift registry.

  1. Weduary

Weduary is one for social media fans. In addition to the usual features, Weduary offers the option to connect your guest list to each other through facebook. Where you notify your guest via facebook, email when they are invited to your wedding, keep up the RSVPs and follow your guest to get to know each other before the meet on the day.


Wix is a very versatile website builder that is loved of businesses who want to get online quickly and cheaply. They have developed a range of specific wedding templates specially designed for brides and grooms.

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