We’ve all seen the bright fuchsia pinks and lime greens or the deep purples and silver tones, the spectrum of color choices in fabrics and accessories today is incredible and a bride can pretty much decide the color she wants for her special day. However, with a few helpful hints and tips, you can save yourself a lot of money! Getting a wedding color picker will be a good idea.

Firstly, a good place to start is with your bridesmaids. It may be that you saw the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses when choosing your own gown. If you decide upon a color for the bridesmaids and it is a block color rather than a muted tone, this can help determine a theme color for your day. This color theme can then run throughout the day from your invitations down to the color of the napkins you use.

Another money saving tip is to think about the season in which you are getting married! The bouquet you are going for might look fantastic in the bridal magazine this season, but what about for the season you are marrying in, will it cost a small fortune to obtain the flowers you would like. If you opt for flowers of the season it can save money, especially when it comes to dressing the venue, table centerpieces, etc. Depending upon your accent color within your bouquet can be a good starting point to incorporate this color into your whole wedding day color scheme.

A very inexpensive aid is a color wheel, these give the complementing tones and hues along with the contrasting color ranges so you can mix and match or beautifully tone your colors together. So you might decide upon a teal color for the bridesmaids, the color wheel will show you the various tones from your silvers to the mauves and lilacs that will complement each other.

Favorite Wedding ColorsThinking about the overall look, is to involve your bridal party in your color decision in time for them to decide upon their outfit. Clashing of colors does nothing for the photographs unless you opt for the romantic black and white or sepia toned shots. But to have the mother of the bride and groom to be complementing without being too contrived can help tie the whole theme of the day together.

Vintage inspiration is all encompassing at the moment and I love this look! The subtlety of the muted tones through to the vibrant, crisp and fresh summer picnic theme is so beautiful and not to mention the plethora of relatively inexpensive vintage accessories to complete your day to perfection.

Whatever you choose remember it is your style, your ideas, your day!

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