Back when I finally decided to get married my friends in the military suddenly chose to send my ship overseas on a 6-month deployment.  This didn’t affect the date we’d set for the wedding, but it did create some hassles when it came to the preparations.  Since I would be away– our ship was going to a remote research station in the Artic – we could only communicate via wireless.  Fortunately, I was signed up with Verizon Wireless because their service is so good, by comparison, other providers feel like science experiments.  Verizon offers wireless service at a monthly rate of $45 per line, with no contract required.  I’d had mine since I got out of midshipman school, when I signed up using a Groupon promo code to get a $100 discount on the purchase of my selected smartphone.  It was good to know I’d be able to maintain some contact with folks back home, andkeep up with all the wedding preparations.  But one problem remained outstanding: we hadn’t picked out the rings before I had to ship out.

Now selecting wedding rings was something a couple usually does together.  But given my circumstances we had to come up with an alternative strategy.  Jeanie (my fiancée) would send me photos of various ring styles and designs.  And I would send her back my comments, along with other designs I might find online.  We did agree to have them prepared at a favorite jeweler, so we only had to select our preferred design and order it from that shop.  After transmitting various options back and forth we finally came to an agreement. I then sent the jeweler our order and the photos we’d picked in a text on my smartphone.  He promptly replied with the assurance that the rings would be ready the week before the wedding.   I only had to stop by the store on my way home from the shipyard to the hotel where we planned to hold the ceremony.  I sent him a thank you and let Jeanie know that things were all prepared.  All of this was achieved using our Verizon wireless smartphone connections, without the slightest problem. It’s like my phone did the work a best man is supposed to do, and it was more proof of Verizon’s excellent service.